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  • Web 3.0: The (Re)birth of the Decentralized Internet

  • 21st Century Media: Disney, Netflix, Epic Games, et al

  • The Last Days of the Monoculture: What Comes After Mass?

  • Ego and the Next Best Self: Realizing Self-Realization

  • Jockocracy: The Collision of Sports, Politics, and Culture

  • The Great Virtual Migration: The Rise of the Metaverse

  • Caged Film Study: The Philosophy of Nicolas Cage Movies

  • Modern Empires: Our New Technocrat Overlords

  • Reboot or Retreat: Sustainable Earth and Space Travel

  • The New 4Cs: Culture, Commerce, Creators, and Collabs

  • Los Angeles Sports: My Teams > Your Teams

  • New Tejas: Austin’s Roaring Twenties and the State of Tomorrow

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I’m also going to experiment with a podcast where I narrate and discuss that same email. If your inbox is feeling oversubscribed, let me holler at you.

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