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My name is Kyle Bunch and I make internet things.

Ten years ago, before Substack existed, I published a newsletter every Monday through Friday called The Daily Bunch1 to a few thousand people. In each edition, I did my best to connect the dots about how technology was reshaping culture, media, commerce, sports, and just about anything else.

Ultimately, The Daily Bunch was a victim of its own branding–publishing five days a week when you have a full-time job that has you on the road most weeks is hard–so, feeling like I could never reliably deliver on the promise of “Daily,” I stopped publishing after almost two years of regular updates. Life got busier2, kids showed up, and the newsletter wound up in the archives right next to the Ark of the Covenant.

Flash-forward a decade, and I decided that a comeback was necessary. Less for the readers (though I do love you, totally mean it), more for me. I don’t know about you, but I spend way too much time on Twitter, subscribe to way too many newsletters and feeds, listen to too many podcasts, and rarely take the time to actually synthesize much of those stimuli into anything useful.

I want to have a place to I can unload all of the various links and stories I cram in my digital pockets each week and see if I can connect the dots between any of those randomly-found objects and anything else I’ve previously stumbled upon. I guess you could say this is all an episode of Digital Hoarders, and you’re helping me dig through the piles and dust and old Wheaties boxes to try and regain sanity.

Welcome to FYI. All of the great dot-connecting from The Daily Bunch, transported to a much crazier time where the spectrum of possibilities is infinitely larger and the drugs are much stronger but surprisingly legal.

Every week, I will fill your inbox with regular3 updates from my travels in the virtual and physical world.

Examples of topics we’ll cover include:

  • Web 3.0: The (Re)birth of the Decentralized Internet

  • 21st Century Media: Disney, Netflix, Epic Games, et al

  • The Last Days of the Monoculture: What Comes After Mass?

  • Ego and the Next Best Self: Realizing Self-Realization

  • Jockocracy: The Collision of Sports, Politics, and Culture

  • The Great Virtual Migration: The Rise of the Metaverse

  • Caged Film Study: The Philosophy of Nicolas Cage Movies

  • Modern Empires: Our New Technocrat Overlords

  • Reboot or Retreat: Sustainable Earth and Space Travel

  • The New 4Cs: Culture, Commerce, Creators, and Collabs

  • Los Angeles Sports: My Teams > Your Teams

  • New Tejas: Austin’s Roaring Twenties and the State of Tomorrow

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This is the link to the Tumblr archives. The newsletter featured all of this content and more, some of which may be lost to the æther.


Read all about it over at kylebunch.com.


I try to send something at least once/week, but (a) might send bonus editions along the way and (b) reserve the right to skip a week because, you know, life sometimes gets in the way.