No. 3: Start Making Sense

Field notes from a particularly mad March

After a trip across the American Southwest1, I am back2 with more FYI.

Here are a few stories that kept me sane3 by providing a healthy dose of perspective, helping me summon some optimism for a better future, or at least supplying some much-needed distraction:

🏙️ Financial Times published an inspiring vision of how we might rethink cities coming out of the pandemic and The Guardian shared data supporting the efficacy of working from home.

🃏 Tom Hanks (aka America’s Dad) took to The Wall Street Journal to urge us all to stop wasting time on solitaire.

✌️ March Madness is in full swing and my USC Trojans rocked and chalked the Kansas Jayhawks by 34 points4 last night to advance to the Sweet 16.

💨 Amidst the hype of multi-million dollar auction prices, there’s growing debate about an NFT bubble. Let’s just hope this isn’t the one that pops.

🏀 After riding high for months, NBA Top Shot prices trended downward this week. Time to migrate to the next virtual collectible: NBA Low Shot.

👋 One of the most-hyped consumer platforms of the past year is Clubhouse. This 🧵 from entrepreneur Shaan Puri provided what could be a prescient look at the road ahead for the nascent audio-based social network:

🇦🇺 The good news from Australia: their approach to the pandemic has been one of the most successful worldwide. The bad news: wolf spider invasion.

🎧 A few weeks back, my 10-year old daughter Olivia asked if we could start a podcast together. Today I am proud to share our first episode, where we take a deep dive into the absurdity that is fragrance advertising:

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Last week I made the trek from Austin, TX to Orange County, CA, and back again by motorcoach (aka Toyota Sequoia) for a long overdue visit to let my newly-vaccinated parents see their grandkids for the first time in 18 months.


When I said “weekly-ish,” I figured I’d roughly hit once-a-week for at least a month or so before life started disrupting the cadence. But here we are ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Certainly, the 1,364 miles of driving with two kids posed its share of challenges, but my sanity was much more impinged upon by the gravity of everything going on in the world: the disgusting acts of violence against Asian-Americans, yesterday’s horrific shooting in Boulder, not to mention hitting the year mark in the pandemic and trying to find optimism in the progress being made nationally while facing the realities of yet another utter and complete fucking failure of Texas “leadership” as one of the country’s most populous and affluent states remains near the bottom in terms of per capita vaccines administered. There is no punishment severe enough for Governor Abbott and the rest of Texas’s cosplay cowboys for the destruction of life and property that their continued ineptitude and moral bankruptcy has wrought on Texans.


Handing the storied Jayhawks basketball program their third-worst loss of all-time.